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John Curtis of Curtis eSolutions is the best.

We had a unique situation - a built in oak library cabinet 
in our living room with an old Sony tube TV inside behind leaded glass doors with a two channel stereo amp. 
We had wanted to update for years but could not find a way to mount an HDTV flat panel screen vertically inside the cabinet to pull out and rotate landscape for viewing.

Not able to find a solution ourselves my wife and I decided to hire Curtis eSolutions. John Curtis started by giving us an evaluation of the possibilities, laying out reasonable options that were well-suited to what we wanted to get out of a system - not over the top as is so much technology today.

John was able to identify a special mount installed on 
a custom supporting framework which accomplished 
exactly what we needed. He installed the screen, 
a beautiful Yamaha amp, Blu Ray player and 
Boston Acoustics surround speakers. He neatly hid the wiring behind the cabinet, through the attic and in the crawlspace under the house to speakers in the living room, and kitchen and back patio for zone 2 stereo listening.

We ended up with a first class system that looks and sounds immaculate. HDTV comes in through cable, the networked internet connection and through the TV antenna that John also installed. Net radio comes in from around the world crystal clear in every genre imaginable. 

Everything is controlled from our iPad, iPhone or via the remotes, and when we're done the TV slides easily
back into its resting spot in the cabinet.

We couldn't be more pleased.

Roger C. Los Angeles, CA

"Not sure if this is the right place to endorse you, but I'd love to endorse your experience, work ethic, professionalism and amazing customer service!!!! :)"

Christina M. Torrance, CA

"I don't know about you folks out there, but I have a passion for the gifts of technology,  yet absolutely loathe trying to figure out how the darn thing(s) work. Previous past attempts of: "oh, I can do this with Tech Support" resulted in honest-to-God (Jeckly-Hyde) change to my otherwise pleasant demeanor.  Imagine the kerfuffle with the leap to wireless. Then, along came John. THIS is the guy. In 2.5 hrs: data transfer  from old to new: CPU>laptop>smartphone; I can now stream Internet onto the flat screen TV;w/sound via the Altec speakers from old desktop (sweet!);+ any bumps in data transfer also solved; + extra-mile stuff like making a run to get necessary  adaptors  (after witnessing the terror on my face when he began telling me items I still needed to purchase). He does this all for half the price I was charged by the previous company I was using (since gone out of business). On site estimate free; flexible w/appointments, including weekends; professional; prompt; accountable; patient; & open to educating. Would I call John again? In a New York minute."

Ruth P.  Torrance, CA

"John helped me with two older systems I owned over the years.  Repairs, upgrades, and general troubleshooting.  Eventually he convinced me to go with something new and he built my computer for me, instructed me how to use all the programs on it and later removed viruses from it.  John has always been on time and very professional with me the times he was done work for me."

Brace S.  Torrance, CA
"I moved to a new condo in June and had a lot of computer equipment that I moved with me from my old place.  I also purchased two new TVs and a full home theater setup (components and speakers) for one as well as a few components for the other.  I am not an expert when it comes to computer and home theater equipment so I was feeling a little overwhelmed about getting everything set up and working just the way I wanted it... I am so glad someone recommended John to me.

John took care of everything.  He mounted the two TVs on the wall (one upstairs, one downstairs), set up all the home theater equipment, set up my two desktop computers and wireless home network, and got it all working right.  I was a little reluctant to buy some of the equipment I did with all the internet connectivity and all, because I wasn't sure I'd be able to get it all working.  Now, I am so glad I did, John took care of everything and it's all been working great since.

I will definitely call John in the future for any home theater or computer/network needs I have!"

Thad J.  Playa Vista, CA

"John helped me set up a wireless home office network, which allowed my two Computers to share files and a printer. He even fixed my sons laptop - which had been broken for 8 months. John charges $35-62.50 hr which I think is an incredible bargain, he spent 20 minutes on the phone patiently explaining the options for my home network. He also installs surround sound systems.
John was very punctual and knowledgeable I would definitely call him back if i had any other computer problems."

Tony D. Redondo Beach, CA

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